Windscreen repairs in Dubbo


Windscreen repair & replacement


Many drivers don’t notice the daily importance of their windscreens and windows. But when one shatters, chips, or cracks, it becomes very clear how vulnerable we are on the road when these parts fail.
Dubbo Glass & Mechanical repairs and replaces all types of auto glass, even mirrors. Read on to learn more about auto glass repairs and replacements, and why you should get your damaged glass checked out ASAP.

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Windscreen Repair — Dubbo Glass & Mechanical in Dubbo, NSW
Replacement — Dubbo Glass & Mechanical in Dubbo, NSW


Having to replace a windscreen or window can be a downer, but Dubbo Glass & Mechanical does it daily, at the right price. We’ll work hard to fit you in quickly and get you the safe, beautiful results you deserve.
Not sure if your damage warrants a replacement? Here are some signs that you may want to come in and see us for new glass right away.
  • The damage is bad enough that your visibility is reduced
  • The crack/s reach the rim of the glass
  • Cracks or other damage have impacted both sides of the glass
  • Your crack is 30cm or wider
  • A projectile has created a webbed bullseye 7cm or bigger


If your vehicle’s windscreen or windows need replacing, it’s best to confirm that with our qualified technicians right away. Cracks grow and worsen with time, which could lead to an unexpected shatter or fall-in while driving.
The truth is, even the most minor defects should get an inspection. You’ll save time and money when you take advantage of that window of time where repair is possible. Every case can be a little different, but here are some signs you might be eligible for repair, rather than a replacement:
  • The crack or chip is not located at the rim of the glass
  • Any webbing (the bullseye you may see after a projectile hits your screen) is less than 2.5cm
  • The crack is only a few inches in length
  • The damage doesn’t penetrate through both sides of the glass
Windscreen Repair — Dubbo Glass & Mechanical in Dubbo, NSW